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Welcome to Mithros's Realm! A comprehensive Tamora Pierce web site! Go to Q & A to find out what this site is all about.

Updates and Weird Rantings

Hey all, I know I haven't updated in a while. The truth is, I've really lost interest in running this site. It has become a chore, mostly because I have everyone's fanfic and casting ideas to post. By the time I finish that, I don't feel like adding anything of my own. I'm really sorry to disapont you guys. Of course, I will leave the site up, but any suggestions, etc., you sent me that aren't up already I'm not going to put it up. I know a lot of you love writing and reading fanfiction. I strongly recomend if you want to post stuff you've written or read other Alanna fics. I might occasionally update this site, but for right now it remains on hiatus. I considered letting someone else take over the site, but I realized I don't want to give it to someone else. I'm very sorry to be letting you down, bye bye.

The link for Jasmin Realm works now. Thanks to all the people who e-mailed me the correct one. I also realized I didn't have The Offical Site, shame on me. Casting For Numair has been updated, along with two new fanfic: A Glimpse and Goodbye. The Music section has a new song.

I finished my fanfic Finding a Home- The story of Numair!!! Its very good (far better than my messed other fic). I also have two other new fanfics:Dasi and At Mindelan and The Competition has been updated.

A really cool girl e-mailed me with a million casting ideas so there are alot of casting updates:
Casting for Alanna- Jennifer Sky
Casting for Thayet- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Casting for Miles- Sean Connery
Casting for Delia
Casting for Ralon
Casting for Daine
Casting For Numair
Casting for Ozorne- John Travolta
other people gave me ideas so some other casting things are updated as well:
Casting for Raoul
Casting for Liam
Casting for George- Owen Wilson
Casting for Neal- Christopher Ralph
It has also been brought to my attention that the link for Jasmin Realm doesn't work. If you know the right address or are the webmisstress, e-mail me please.

Yes, I changed by graphic at the beginning. It despretly needed to be changed and in Squire it says numerous times that Mithros's symbol is the sun, NOT lightning. You may notice lots of different suns throughout the site as well as a few other slightly changed graphics. But I do have a real update:
I'm going on vacation for a week, so there will be no update next week. To make up for it, I have LOTS of updates this week. I found a really cool site of fantasty pictures called Drakkan Web. There were many cool pics that I used here. The following have new pictures somewhere on the page (usally the bottom). I starred the ones you definitely should go to.
Pirate's Swoop
Duke Roger*
Daine and Numair*
Alanna and Jon*
Yukimi noh Daiomoru*
Jon and Thayet*
I have a few new Links-- atleast, I think they're new.

Well I've finally read Squire, turning me into the hard-core obsessive fan I know I can be. If you haven't read it, most of these updates will be spoilers, so be warned!! To read my review of it go to Squire, I have updated all the Protector of the Small Characters, as well as Kel and Cleon Quotes, Kel and Cleon, Kel and Neal, and Buri and Raoul. If you haven't already, go read the book!! I also updated About Me! because a lot of it was no longer accurate.

Lots of updates! Book Recomendations has been updated, as well as Casting for Thayet- Catherine Zeta-Jones . I have some new fanfics: The End of Tortall A.K.A: A New World, Gift's Mysteries , Shadow, Lady or Not , and The Competition.

My fanfic Finding a Home- The story of Numair has been updated.

How long has it been? A month?? This is VERY embarrassing. I decided finals were too important, so I haven't updated in a LONG time. But school's out!!!! So I promise I will go back to the weekly update thing. I have over a hundred e-mail to read and probably at least a quarter of them pertain to Alanna. ...Later: well, most were from one friend and are probably chain letters and stuff like that. But I recieved a few suggestions:
Casting for Daine
Casting for Duke Roger
Plenty of people did ask me if I had read Squire. Unfortunatly I haven't yet. I thought it wasn't supposed to be out till July. I will get a copy ASAP and then I'll have numourous updates for you guys.

Not many updates today, cause I should be doing my mounds of homework right now. I have a new quizish thing Which couple do you resemble?, Casting for Alanna- Jennifer Sky has been updated as well as Fan Art.

Happy Easter everyone! Since the rest of the world is having fun at church, my concoius was bugging me cause I haven't updated in a while. So, on Easter morning I am sitting here updating like a good little webmisstress. Andrea sent me sooo many casting things it took me almost an hour to update it all!
Casting for Alanna- Jennifer Sky
Casting for Thayet- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Casting for Daine
Casting for Onua
Casting For Sarge- Michael Clarke Duncan
Casting for Kel
Casting for Neal- Christopher Ralph
Casting For Numair
They've all been updated!- Thanks so much to her and the other people who sent me ideas.
The Realms of Death has been updated cause of alot of time on Rose's part. She also reminded me I have no Dragon Lands
I have 2 new stories, but the first isn't an fanfic. Iris and Too Many I also have a pic of Sara and Weiryn. The Links page is updated. Rose also asked that I tell everyone that we people in America are VERY lucky. In other countries they don't get the Tamora Pierce books for a very looooong time! I'm sorry you guys. :(
Wow!!! Almost 2 hours later I'm done!!! I hope you are all very happy and have a great Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter have a great Sunday!

Happy Spring Break! (For me atleast) I have a new (unfinished) fanfic The Lost Princess and a Email from Roisin telling me I'm crazy. :D I also have a new Links. And last (but i hope not least) I wrote a rather long article thingie on the issues Tammy addressed in Page. Congratulations Tamora Pierce.

Hi! The Music section has been updated and so has Casting For Numair. Sorry I haven't done anything big in a while, the truth is I'm not going Tamora Pierce crazy at the moment. Probably cause I still do not have 2 of my books back!! Grrr! And also, I discoved Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (which I strongly recommend. I'm sure all of you understand all about abandoning everything else when you are reading a good book, and there are about 10 of these books and there all 400 pages!! So anyway, I promise I will come back to this site VERY soon and give you all lots and lots of updates. :)

I got The Woman Who Rides Like a Man back!! The cover was falling off so I glued it back on. Now, when I trying to type quotes I realize I glued a few of the page together. OH NO!! When I got them unstuck I typed all the Alanna and George Quotes in TWWRLAM- (thats a really long abbreviation.)

Ahh!! Never lend books you read constantly to people for more than a few days!! I have none of the Alanna books right now and its driving me insane.  
Chrissie wrote to me telling me this: i was reading my tv guide....and i see the name alana(i know there's only one N...o well) so i look at the movie this "alana" is in....and it's a disney movie, but it's about a girl who cuts off all her hair and disguises herself as a guy(her twin brother) so she can go do a "guy" thing(no..not become a knight unfortunately,,,,she rides motorcycles) i thought it was a pretty weird but in a good way coincidence...
Strange, isn't it? I have a new Links and In Which Daine meets up with Cimorene, Casting for Daine, Casting for Neal- Christopher Ralph, and Casting for George- Owen Wilson have all been updated.
One week later... I forgot to finish updating this!! I'm sorry people. Well the Alanna books are still at peoples' houses, but I do have the Daine and Kel books. I've started a new section!! (Its been a while since that). Well, actully its part of an old section. Since lots of people have told me they love the Realms of Love, I thought you would enjoy quotes of all the couples. Obviously, since I don't have the Alanna books I could do very few quotes on her relationships. But I do have a lot on Daine and Numair. Go to the  Quotes (General) to get the links for these sections.
Wow! That was a LONG update!

Hi everyone!! I am sooo sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I joined the backstage crew for a play, so I don't get home till after 6.
Anyway, does anyone watch Dawson's Creek? Very few people I know do. In the episode wednesday, Joey and Pacey were talking about sex (gasp! :) and she said something like "I'm scared." And he said "I'm scared too." and then she said "At least we can be scared together." I was screaming at my TV, cause the same thing happens in In The Hand of the Goddess with Alanna and Jon!! My friend Kathryn insists everyone says that line, but I still thought it was cool.
Sorry that was really long, on to the updates: It was brought to my attention that Neal doesn't have a profile!! (bad claire) so I made him one. Neal. The casting for Casting for George- Owen Wilson, Casting For Numair, Casting for Jon- Ian Somerhalder and Casting for Liam have been updated. Music has also been updated, remember to go to the bottom of the page for updates. I also added a link Links. Bye!

I finally have a few more fanfics for my contest!!
A vist from Willow Tree Academy , In Which Daine meets up with Cimorene, and A Lesson from "Friends" I also have a song update. Go to Music and scroll down to the bottom for 2 new songs. I also have an E-mail from Petra who is really cool and has almost the same opinons as me. (see I'm not the only crazy one out there!!) Casting for Jon- Ian Somerhalder has also been updated. And another Links has been added.

No big updates today. I finnally found a pic of Antonio Sabatoe Jr. (he was cast as Roger) Thank you Ricky Casting for Duke Roger. My sister Grace has decided she wants to help with this site. I could really use the help. Her email address is, but you should e-mail me if you want something to get done. She'd a worse procrastinator than I am. Anyway, I found a few more pics of George and Alanna, you have to scroll down a lot to look at them. Also, another pic of Jon and Delia. I also found some cool pics of The Graveyard Hag and The Dark God. Bye!!

Merry Christmas!!! And Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Solstice, New Years, etc. My sister gave me a CD case with a picture of Alanna from the cover of the 4th book on it. She got it at Barns and Nobles, its very cool!!
I have 94 new e-mails to read. Ahhh!!! .... about half an hour later.... only 25 now. I've just sent a bunch of e-mails and stuff. If I sent you a really short email that said basically nothing, sorry. This is why I shouldn't procrastinate.
As a present to all of you, I wrote a new story!! Finding a Home- The story of Numair (I know its a shock, me write a story about Numair!!) I like it and its not done. I also have a few other updates: I'm not telling- new fanfic Attackers- updated The Absence of Magic- updated. I will have more updates very soon... I just have to finish reading my mail.

Its a snow day today!! I got out of school at noon, it was great. So I had lots of time to update, sorry that it took so long. I finally found a George. Casting for George- Owen Wilson I also have a new fanfic Attackers and an E-mail from Talia- she agrees with me about Numair. hee hee hee. Casting for Kel has also been updated slightly. Happy snow day!!!!

I have a new fanfic and a link for ya today. Please all fanfic writers out there, give your stories titles!! I've made up half the titles of the fanfics I have and I'm not good at making up titles. The Absence of Magic- I made up the title. Links- go there for the newest TP site.

For those of you who like fanfics, its your lucky day!!!! I have four new ones, including my first one for the fanfic contest!!!!!! I'm VERY happy. Don't Bother Looking, Ahh!! Dancing Teenagers, Journey to Corus, Tragedy. Also, if you want even more TP fanfics, go to Tamora Pierce. The link better work, if it doesn't just go to and finding the link under books. Even if it does work, I recomend going there, cause its an awsome site. Everyone, PLEASE write a fanfic for the Fanfic Contest! I can't judge just one.

I wasted far too much time and went to lots of sites trying to find pics to represent the characters. Finally, I stumbled upon a site full of victorian paintings. Perfect. So go to About the Pictures to find out more. I also added these quiz type things Which female character are you most like? and Which character is your soul mate? Go to them. Also, please is someone working on a crossover fic??? If you are e-mail me telling me that. I haven't gotten any yet. :*(

I've posted the begining of my fanfic for the Fanfic Contest! Its a Dawson's Creek crossover called Visitors From Another Realm. I hope you are working on fics too. :) I also reread Page this week and found a few great Quotes (General). And because of the input of one of you I updated Casting for Miles- Sean Connery and Casting for Onua.

Wow! I just spell checked my entire site! It took far to long, so I wasn't really paying attention to all of it, but hopefully it will be easier to read now. Don't forget about the Fanfic Contest. Because of a very cool person's e-mail I updated Casting for Daine, Casting For Numair, Casting for Onua, Casting for Ozorne- John Travolta, Casting for Kaddar- Lee Thompson Young Casting for Alanna- Jennifer Sky. I also added the back flap summery for The Realms of the Gods.

I am having my first contest thingie. Its for a Fanfic Contest.
Forever and Beyond- AKA Kidnapped is finished, and I have the title of it now.

Okay, I was wrong. The third Kel book will be called Squire. I know I told you guys it was called Lady Knight, but thats the fourth one. Squire comes out in 2001 and Lady Knight comes out in 2002.  
I added a little more to the Alanna and Jon page.
If you wrote a fanfic and I didn't post your e-mail address I am VERY sorry.         E-mail me it so I can post it.

Sorry I haven't updated, my computer was broke. For future reference: if something like this happens again go to my Doorway Page. Its at Angelfire, so I'll still be able to update it and I'll warn you if something is wrong.
I added a Q & A section and two new polls on the Polls page.

Forever and Beyond- AKA Kidnapped has been updated. I also added another link: The Song Of The Lioness. And I created two banners so you can link to me with them. They are REALLY cool. Link to Me

I added a new link to the links page. Kingdom of Tortall. I also recived a new fanfic (unfinished) Forever and Beyond- AKA Kidnapped.

Sorry the Book Recomendations link didn't work before, it does now. I also added a new really cool part Music it took me forever to make and has lyrics and downloads for different music that reminds me of the TP books.

I've added a Book Recomendations page.

I know, I know I haven't updated in sooo long! I'm sorry, but school gives me no time to do anything else. But to make up for it I have alot of stuff today. I finally added Casting pages for the Daine and Kel books. And I updated most of the Alanna casting section. E-mail me any ideas you have for casting and I'll post it.
Alanna Casting
Daine Immortals Casting
Kel Protector of the Small Casting

I made a few new pages. Kitten's profile, E-mail from Sarah and The Great Numair Debate which lists the pros and cons of Numair.

I actully have some substantal updates today!!! First off, I created a new section The Realm of Love. It has a page for all the couples and it took a while to make so go there!! Then I posted my first Tortall fanfic The Sea Of Sand and another (unfinished) fanfic The Princess Bride. (Not by me). So lots of stuff! Enjoy.

I finally decided to listen to people and I have two new things. A Polls Page and a Guest Book. Go to both of them or else...

Wow! Lot's of updates today! Aren't you lucky!! This is the last one: I added a profile for Thom.

I found the perfect Jon!!!!!! I am very happy. It is Ian Somerhalder
from Young Americans. Go to Casting for Jon- Ian Somerhalder to learn more.

E-mail me!!! I love when I get e-mails from you guys.

I am a moron!! The fanfic A Look Inside was finished, sorry.

I added pics of Jason Behr and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Casting section.

Two new things today! I have a new fanfic A Look Inside and I added a new page, E-mails about Tamora Pierce I have gotten!!

I added an About Me! page.

I have a problem! Should my site be called Mithros's Realm, or Mithros' Realm??? In my evil grammer book it say it should be Mithros's but most people think it's Mithros'. Does anyone know that correct grammer? Help!

I updated all the Character sections (except the Circle)!!!! The only one you might atully notice more is there is Protecter of the Small, but I add little things to all of them.

Okay people, I have to clear something up. I don't hate Numair. I really don't! Both George and Jon were so much cooler, but he's still fine. He is 15 years older than Daine, but I'll live. Yup yup yup. I'm done.

I finally got Page!! I read it in one sitting; I couldn't put it down. I am going to be expanding the Protecter of the Small part alot, so keep checking back for more updates.

Wow! You people are all so nice. I've had so many e-mails from people about this site. It's nice to know people actully come here.

I finally have the Alanna Script up!!! Alanna Script

D'ya like the new graphic thing?? It took a very long time to make.

Guess what people?!!! Some one sent me a really good fanfic! Shang Visitors Read it!

Quote of the millenium(since I don't plan to update it)
"There are plenty of fish in the sea besides Prince Jonathan, and this particular fish loves you with all his crooked heart." (I love that quote! George is a fish!!!!!!!) Other Quotes (General)

"I love you..." That could have been anyone in any of the books, but I know it was said sometime in one of the books, so lets just assume that it was George to Alanna.  (P.S. It wasn't!  IT WAS ALANNA TO GEORGE!  YES!!) (P.P.S. It was also Jon to Alanna, and Alanna to Jon and Alanna to Miles and alot of other times.)

This site will be updated more whenever I get the chance. Sorry about the annoying popup adds. It works better if you don't use the back button on your browser and just click on the links in my site.

If anyone has any fanfic, fanart, reviews, etc. they can send them to me at Thanx!

Did anyone else notice the simmalarites between Mulan and the Alanna books? Mulan is a great movie, and I think the idea of a women having to hide her true gender in order to fight and serve her country is an interesting one.

The only person in the TSOTL books that I really hate is Liam. He's such a moron!! And Alanna was cheating on George with him. Why???? George is so much cooler!!

I have a site map!!! It took about half an hour to make, but it has links to every site on this page. Site Map