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Why my sister Grace thinks George is so cool!
Alright, okay... George is really hot. Shut up, Claire; he is really hot. Even if he's not supposed to be, he is in my eyes. He's also Alanna's husband, and Alanna's just cool. It's a really good thing that George got to her before Jon could, cause I really hate Jon. Personally, George is just a really good character, I mean, he just sounds cool. Daine fell in love with him the moment she saw him. Yes she did, Claire. Oh sorry, he had to say something first. Oh God, Claire, you're a moron. That sounds really stupid you shouldn't write that. You know what makes me really mad? He's too old for me. At times like these I really hate Alanna. Why does he have to have a crooked nose? He was so cool as the King of Theives. But I guess I'm glad he changed back, or else the Lord Provost would find him and George might get hurt. (She's smiling in a dazy way.) I'm thinking about George.  Claire, remember when George was always sitting at the head of the table and I would talk to him? And how old was I, 10? 9?  Nobody knew who George was and all I would tell them was that he was awesome and so much cooler than Jon.  I'm seriously considering making a webpage about George, and these two other amazingly cool people.  I have to go finish my homework. G'bye Claire.

This was in Grace's own words.