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The site MUST be about Tamora Pierce, not a fantasy site that barely mentions the books or anything like that.

Alanna Sites:
The Offical Site

Steelsings Tamoria Pierce

Tara's Tamora Pierce Page

Symphony of Fantasy- this isn't exactly a TP site, but it has alot of good and original TP fan fiction

Thayet's Stories, etc.- Another not exactly TP site, but she put me on her links page, and it does have alot of TP stuff

The Kingdom of Tortall- This site has a great quotes page, amoung other things.

The first banner I've gotten:

The Song Of The Lioness- Has a cool quiz and other stuff.

Jasmin Realm- This is mostly a Kel fanfic site, but its got a few other things.

-this site is still under construstion, but what it does have is very good. It is also called The Debate Hall of Tortall.

THE BLUE LAGOON VALLEY- a fantasy site with a lot of Tamora Pierce stuff.

Welcome to Tortall

The Immortals and Tortall

Nutmegs Realm

Welcome to Tortall- a different one New!

The Immortals New!

Wildofre's Realm New!

My Other Sites:

Claire's Animorphs Page!

Leaving Normal (a Roswell site)


Fantasyland Graphics- I used these graphics for my banner