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Casting for Duke Roger
Suggested by Melissa:
I have a good guy for roger I think.
Peirce Brosnan. The guy who plays
James Bond. He is cute and is evil
looking! He is brownish black hair and
blue eyes.

Suggested by Chrissie:
For Roger i thought of Joaquin Phoenix, he played the emperor(or the king)in the movie Gladiator, i think this casting is great for Roger

Antonio Sabatoe Jr. was suggested, but I don't remember who it was!! I am so sorry whoeveryou are. Email me your name. The problem is he's not real famous. He was on 2 episodes of Charmed as Bane Jessup. I know the epidoes were Ms. Hellfire and Give Me A Sign. He was also in the TV series Earth 2- I found a picture!!! Pictures of Antonio Sabatoe Jr.

Any ideas?