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Casting for Thayet- Catherine Zeta-Jones
new casting at bottom
Catherine Zeta- Jones has been in The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, and The Haunting. She's absolutly gorgous (its not fair!!) and would be perfect for the role of Thayet. If you've seen her in Zorro you'll have to agree.
Pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Andrea agrees with me:
I think and agree with a lot of other people that the only person to play Queen Thayet is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Here is a picture of her.Llisten to this description of her and compare. 'Masses of coal black hair, green hazel eyes-she can wear contacts-set beneath level brows, ivory skin-she's a bit tanner but I always pictured the K'mir as tan-and a full, red mouth.' well she doesn't have an arched nose but that's ok.
I added a pics Andrea sent me to the pics of Catherine at the top.

Candy suggested Angelina Jolie with contacts

Chrissie suggested Kate Beckinsale who was in Pearl Harbor, Brokedown Palace, The Golden Bowl.  Here is a pic of her and Ben Affleck from Pearl Harbor.