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Casting for Jon- Ian Somerhalder
Any ideas?

Ian playes Hamilton on Young Americans. If you are not watching that show, you should be, but that's not the point. In Young Americans, his love interest is a girl named Jake who is disgusied as a guy (sound familler??). He is really sexy and has dark brown hair (almost black!) and these amazing blue eyes. I'll have a realy gallery up at some point, but I'm lazy and I wanted you guys to see pics of him. So here is the link to his gallery from Ian Somerhalder gallery None of the pics are great but it will have to do.

Chrisse suggested Wes Bentley she said he has the exact same features as the described jon. He's from American Beauty and he makes a great Jon.

Chrisse also suggested: Jaron [from Evan and Jaron] i think could be a Jonathan, (i know evan and him are twins...but he just looks more like i would picture Jonathan).

Em4peace suggested Jason Behr. She wrote:
Jonathan - Jason Behr (Roswell, guest-starring roles on Dawson's Creek, Buffy, etc.)  He's proven his acting versatility by playing a player (Dawson's Creek, as Chris) AND a sweetheart (Roswell, as leading man Max).  He's handsome and a bit regal-looking.  Sure, he doesn't have blue eyes, but contacts can fix that.

I thought this was a really good idea.
Jason Behr Pics- these are from my Roswell site, so the top say Jason Behr's character, Max, so it's a little different.