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Who She Is- A girl who disguises herself as a boy for 8 years and is now a knight of Tortall.
What Books She's In- All of them! (Except for the Circle of Magic books, and she's only metioned in Page.)  
What She Looks Like- Red hair, purple eyes, slight, short
Nicknames- Alan, Lioness
Family- Her mother died giving birth to her and her father ignored her. Her adopted father is Sir Myles. Her twin, Thom is now dead. She is married to George Cooper and they have 3 children, or more, i don't really know.
Talents- She is great with a sword, and also with her Gift.
Traits- Stubborn.
Interesting Facts- She lived for eight years disguised as a boy. She and prince Jonathan used to be lovers. She is the Kings Champion
Comments- Don't you love my pictures of her??

Alanna in garden-                                Alanna on the battlefield
In the Hand of the Goddess