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Who He Is- The former king of thieives, now the Baron of Pirate's Swoop, husband to Alanna.
What Books He's In- All Song of the Lioness and The Immortals books
What He Looks Like- Hazel eyes; brown hair; sharp nose; tall
Nicknames- King of Thieves
Family- Eleni(mother), Myles(step-father), Alanna(wife), 3 children(2 boys and a girl, maybe more, I'm not sure.) Rispah (cousin)
Talents- Thieving, being cool
Interesting Facts- George is a fish!!!! (not really) umm... (see quote on home page.) George is really Alanna's adopted step-brother. (Myles is Alanna's adopted father and he is married to George's mother, Eleni.) hehe
Jonathan and George are really good friends. George is actully a Tortalan spy, but no one knows that.
Comments- George is really really really cool! My sister is obsessed with him. Yeah! Go George!