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Casting for Raoul
Suggested by Rachel: I'm not a big 98 degrees fan or anything, but I was watching one of their videos on MTV and Nick Lachey (in that music video) looked like he could totally fit the part of Raoul in the Song of the Lioness. I am not sure if he fits the description hair and eye color wise, but there is always hair dye and colored contacts. He is big and muscular and has a sweet look on his face when he wants to.

The looks are right, but can he act??

Suggested by Kristi:
Adult Raoul-The actor I think of when I picture Raoul is Jeremy Northam,
from EMMA and THE NET. He is English, but he can fake an American accent
easily. He has brown curly hair, and his eyes always seem to have a humorous
glint in them.