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Gift's Mysteries

Title: Gift's Mysteries
by: alexana

Chapter 1, Life’s Disappointments
(during Alannna's traing this is happening)
“But its NOT fair!!!!!”
“Kayann, life isn’t always fair, you should know that by now!”
A girl stood at the entrance of a small straw hut, she had dark eyes and
dark hair, with metallic-y red colors that seemed to shine in her hair.
Across from her, stood a man with the same dark eyes, but his dark hair had
more of a green tint to it. They stared at each other for a long moment,
and before the child stomped out a breeze with red and white coloring swept
into the room.
“Kay… control your gift!”
Suddenly a green coloring came from the mans fingertips, swallowing up
what was left of the icy red color. The child stormed from the room,
running towards a large tan manor house.
“Kayann!” the man yelled who was still stationed in the small hut. “Kayann,
you are going to start packing to go to The City of the Gods right now. You
are going. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!”
Kayann of Castle Hannan was required to become a lady. She hadn’t any
choice; she would have to be taught manners, and how to run a castle, if not
the true one in Tortall. She wished to become a simple commoner, though she
loved to be the life of the party. She wanted to go to banquets, parties,
weddings, but she didn’t want to learn all that was in between. But she
would have to.
Kay stood in front of a large gray brown horse.
“Do I wish some one would set this no lady knight stuff straight! I hope
some one in my generation does it… and soon too. I know a lot of girls who
want to become knights… and not go through with this lady junk.”
The horse snorted in reply.
“Your almost ready to get going Tric (try-k), just one more stroke and…”
Kay’s father walked in, seconds after she completed her sentence.
“Time to go dear. Did you groom Dingo?” Dingo was her man-at-arm’s
gelding, the only horse he would ride.
“Yes father,” she said sarcastically, “I got Triceratops ready too.” Her
horse was named after the great dinosaur because of his temper, if he had
the horns of the dino… well they would be in big trouble.
They started on their way, leaving a teary mother behind. Kay urged Tric
ahead, sparing her man-at-arms of her temper. She scowled, causing her
horse to begin to get moody. Hearing the graceful hooves of Dingo striking
the ground, she urged Tric on. As they approached The City of the gods,
they all began to get edgy. At the gates of the wonderful place, Tric
reared, but quickly got himself under control, feeling his masters fear.
“Well… this is it, I’m going to learn to become a professional bore.” Kay
whispered to her protective horse, who gave a short snort in reply.
“Now Kay, I’m expecting for you to behave yourself… I’m not going to be here
you know…”
“Yes I know Ford, I wont see you ‘till the next banquet!”