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ahh!! I named it again, you people have to name you're fics!!!

by: Alanna

Daine stood and stretched. She went off in search of Alanna. She had something very inportant to tell her. The servants nodded a greeting to her. She smiled at them. She stopped by George. "George? Where is Alanna?"
The man turned around. "Hi, Daine. Um, I don't know where she is actually. Thom was looking for her too."
"Oh," Daine frowned. "Have you checked the training courts?"
"I was just on my way. Would you like to come with me?"
The two of them walked to the training courts. They looked for the tell-tale red hair of the King's Champion.
They got to the courts and Alanna was standing there blade flashing as she fought against the one and only Raoul of Goldenlake. Five long minutes later Raoul was flat on his back with Alanna's blade up against his neck. Raoul smiled. "I'm still getting beat by you, Alanna." She grabbed his hand and helped him up.
"You'll have to work harder. You lasted longer than when I got back the first time."
"I believe someone is looking for you," Raoul said grabbing a drink of water. She turned and saw Daine and George walking down the stair.
"Looking for someone?" Alanna asked.
"Threesome looking for you."
"Daine you said you had something to tell me. What was it?"
"Yes. Numair found a scroll about... well I could only unsderstand part of what he said. It was something about the phyics of something or other."
Alanna laughed. "Let's go see about this scroll. George, what did you have to say?"
"Oh, nothing. I was just lookin' for you. Too see if you'd dissapered."
"Don't you wish. Come on. Let's go Daine."
A sudden scream lit the hall. Everything went black for Daine.
When she woke up she was in the same spot she had been in before. Alanna wasn't there. "Ugh, why didn't she wait for me?"
Daine climbed to her feet and looked around. People were running to one wing of the castle. Daine followed them and looked in the room. She moved forward. A distressed Kally stood by the door sobbing into her mother's arms. All around her people were sobbing. Alanna's normally sparkling eyes were dark with anger. She was leaning against George who was pale. Alanna's three childen were standing next to her sobbing. Raoul, Gary, Myles, Eleni, and Jonathan were in different states of distress. Animals lodged the empty spaces. Daine couldn't hear them. They had locked off their minds to her. She stepped forward and saw Numair kneeling by a bed with a body covered with blood on it. She was about to ask what happened. Then she saw the silver claw. The body. It was her's!
Alanna moved over and asked Jonathan something. He looked sharply at her. Then he nodded. She ran out of the room. Which she now realized was her room.
She came back with a scroll a few minutes later. Some of the more gifted people, Numair, Alanna, and Jon included, walked out of the room. She stayed in there.
A odd tugging feeling pulled at her. The room melted and shifted. She was in the throne room. Everyone in the room had closed eyes. Alanna was the first to open her eyes. Jonathan and Numair then opened their eyes.
"Daine," Alanna whispered.
"What's going on?" Daine asked thoughly confused.
Alanna gave a sad half smile. "You're dead."
"No! I mean, this is a dream or something!"
"I wish it was magelet," Numair said.
"What happened?"
"One of the knights of Tusaine. He killed you."
Daine rocked back. "No."
"I'm afraid so. If I could change it I would, but we all learned our lesson when Thom brought Roger back," Alanna said shivering.
Daine smiled weakly. "I suppose so, Alanna, you may have an on-slaught of angry dragons. Kit, for sure won't be happy. Neither will Grizzle or Scrap. Or Tkaa even."
"I'll feel bad for Tusaine. I'll feel bad after I tell them who killed you. We caught him, but he escaped and now we have the whole of the King's Own offering to look for him. Poor Miri though. She's been sobbing the whole week."
"I've been dead for a week!?"
"Let Miri get the one who killed me."
"And Evin? He's been offering all week to kill him."
"And Cloud?"
"We can't find her. I've a feeling she's off to tell the Long Lake Pack," Numair said with a small smile.
Daine's eyes widened and she laughed. "I feel bad for them who get in their way. I mean those who get in their way."
Jon, Alanna, and Numair laughed.
"Alanna. It's time for me to go," Daine said with a small sigh.
Alanna nodded with tears in her eyes. She broke the string that held Daine's spirit there. Daine faded leaving a group of crying people. She grabbed the ghost of the badger's claw. In one motion she took it off and tossed it out. It broke off into three parts each growing into one whole one. Jonathan, Alanna, and Numair each caught their's. Two more fell to the ground in front of them. Silver words eched into the air in front of their eyes.
For Miri,
From the Girl-Who-is-the-People. The link between human, and animal.
the other one had the same glowing words above it.
For Evin,
From the Girl-Who-is-the-People. The link between human, and animal.
Dear Journal,
It's been three years. She died three years to this date. I still wear the claw she gave me. The Girl-Who-is-the-People that is. Daine died and became a lesser goddess. In Carthak she is worshiped. Kaddar built her temple out in the town, so all could worship her. People say she is still seen, sitting, talking with the animals, shape changing. Each night, the wolves howl. I can still see Daine, smiling, laughing at Cloud. Shooting. I wasn't even there when she beat the boys in archery, in Carthak. Cloud's staue guards her temple. The one behind the castle that is. Numair seems at first glance like he's over it. Laughing and talking like normal. Then, there are those moments, where his eyes are empty. He sits at the temple for hours. Just looking at her. I don't think he would have or could have gotten over it if Alanna hadn't called her back for just a few moments. Soemtimes I see her. I think I see her, standing. I think he still talks with her. Rumors are she has the Dream God let her have those few extra seconds, before he wakes up with him. I see her occasionly. Does she visit me also in my dreams? Or does she just let me think of her and has him picture her in my mind. Although it may not seem so at first glance, we were very close. I still miss her. Whoever will find this, will know the origin of the Girl-Who-is-the-People. I toss her out the the ocean now. Letting her go free at last.
Why did she leave me? I still speak to her of course. Dreams, her temple, and Daine herself. In those hours I can't think of anything but her. She stops by, when on her way to or from a calling. The Girl-Who-is-the-People is Daine, although the animals who are part of her, always complain, she says. They think it's a waist of time. She was right though. The dragons were not at all happy when they heard the one who had brought Skysong back was killed. Tkaa was more angry than I ever wish to see him again. Kitten stayed red for a whole two months. The two young ones Scrap and Grizzle stayed red only three weeks, but still held that red tinge for a while longer.
I miss you my darling, Daine.