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Daine and Numair Quotes
Numair waited, one hand extended to her. Steeling herself, she reached and placed her hand in his. Roughly he pulled her into an enveloping hug, arms encircling and lifting her off her feet. Nose buried in his shirt, she breathed his unique smell, one of spices, soap, and clean clothes. No one would think to copy that, she realized, and began to cry.
-Emperor Mage

He could feel her bink, as if those long, dark lashes of hers touched his cheek. Suddenly he learned something he'd never considered before. For a brief moment, that fresh knoledge erased even his sense of magical cataclysm.
-The Realms of the Gods

When they stepped off the bridge, Numair swept her into a tight hug, and examined her scalp as he held her. Daine rested gratefully against him. He'd sounded calm on the bridge, but his heart pounded; his shirt was sweat-soaked.
"We should clean this," he remarked over her head. "Didn't Sarra give you ointment for injuries?"
"Mm-hm." Daine rubbed her nose in the patch of chest hair that peeked through the V of his shirt collar.
He drew back. "Stop it," he said sharply. "I can't think when you do that."
"You think too much," she retorted, but she stopped anyway.
-The Realms of the Gods

"Please... are you all right?"
He turned "You- you're- alive. I thought..."
She staggered over to him. "I hurt too much to be dead."
Dropping the staff, Numair swept her up in his arms; Daine buried her fingers in his hair. Pulling away, she tried to get a proper look at him. Their eyes met for a breathless moment as heat surged through her body. Then his mouth was on hers, his breath warmly mingling with her own.
-The Realms of the Gods-- first kiss!!!

"Do you love me or not?" she demanded.
"That is not the topic under discussion."
-The Realms of the Gods-- why does this sound like Alanna and Jon??

"Daine! Is that what you think I want? Sex?"
-Guess what book??

"Marry? Marry you?"
-Poor Numair, he's been rejected

"One day you'd turn to me and see and old man."
-One day?? Try now!!

"Don't you ever- ever -frighten me that way again!" He shook her for punctuation, then wrapped his arms around her so tightly that she thought she might just pop. "Ever," he added, and kissed her thoroughly before releasing her.
"I don't know," she said impishly, smiling up at him. "I like this particular kind of tantrum."

"I love you, if you get yourself killed, I will never forgive you."

Light sparkled at the corner of her eye: a speaking spell. Phantom lips thouched her cheek, and his voice whispered in her ear, "Goddess bless, my darling."
-Numair again

"Will you marry me?"
She grinned up at him. "Maybe someday," she replied, eyes dancing. "But only if you're very, very good."
"What if I'm very, very bad?" he whispered, the heat of his voice making her shiver agreeably. He gathered her into his arms and eased his mouth over hers, caressing her lips with his, teasing, until all she could do was hang in his grasp.
-Not for little children's eyes!!

"I believe I'll retire and return to juggling for a living. I could support us with juggling, if you were to marry me."
-Daine, say yes!!!!