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Alanna and George Quotes
"There are plenty of fish in the sea besides Prince Jonathan, and this particular fish loves you with all his crooked heart."
-George, The Women Who Rides Like A Man

The Voice's eyes were sharp. "He must be close to you, this-"
"George Cooper," She supplies. "He's my best friend in the world, next to Prince Jonathan."
"This friend goes to great risk, sending messengers south to find you."
Alanna blushed. "George worries about me." She mumbled.
George loves you, Faithful yowled.
"Hush," she snapped, seeing the two men look at her cat. Sometimes people could understand Faithful; she didn't want this to be one of those times. She rose, nearly tripping over her burnoose. "If that's everything-"
"For now," the headman nodded, barely hiding a smile behind his hand.

The tall thief rushed down the stairs and grabbed her, swinging her around as he laughed. "And I've been thinkin' you forgot me," he said, placing her on her feet once more. "Just look at you! Tan and fit and wearin' the clothes of a Bazhir-"
Alanna looked up into his friendly hazel eyes and broke into tears.
- The woman who rides like a man

"Don't die on me," She whispered when the clock struck midnight and he still had not moved. "It's only a little shoulder wound. Goddess, George- don't die on me."
His eyes flickered open and he smiled. "I didn't know you cared", he whispered. "And why insult me? I won't die for a wee nick like this; I've had worse in my day."
Alanna wiped her wet cheeks. "Of course I care, you unprincipled pickpocket!" she whispered. "Of course I care."
- In the Hand of the Goddess