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In Which Daine meets up with Cimorene
In Which Daine meets up with Cimorene, and a Few Other Problems Arrise

by Lady Reena
Tortall-Enchanted Forest crossover
"How goes it, Kitten?" Daine said cheerfully to the dragon she had
Kitten whistled in reply.
It was morning, and Daine Sarrassi was in a good mood, cleaning her
room in the palace and dancing around aimlessly. She opened the window
for some air, but she heard a low rumbling noise in the distance.
What be that? Daine thought, putting down her dustrag and letting
herself out- as a dragon stepped out of the brush. A BIG dragon. And with
her was an odd company- a red haired woman with rectangular glasses, and
lady with LONG black hair, and important-looking guy, a confused-looking
thin guy, and some cats.
Well this is something, Daine thought. -Who are you?- she said
to the dragon in mindspeech.
"HM!" the dragon said. "Who speaks?"
"ME! Down here!" Daine said, amazed that the dragon spoke
the human tongue.
"Oh, well, I think we are lost," the dragon said. She looked thouroghly confused.
Indeed, Daine thought. Outloud she said, "Well, maybe I can help you. Where are you from?"
"The Enchanted Forest is where these guys live," the dragon said.
"But I live in the Mountains of the Morning."
"And WHO are you?"
"Oh, I apoligise for being rude. I'm Kazul, King of the Dragons."
"King?" Daine interjected.
Kazul sighed as if she'd been through this conversation too many
times. "Yes, King. The Queen is a frightfully boring job. I wanted to be King."
Daine shook her head, confused, but let it go.
"I'm Cimorene, Queen of the Enchanted Forest," the long black haired one said, rolling her eyes at 'Queen.'
"I'm Mendanbar, the King," the official-looking guy said.
"Morwen," said the red-haired lady. "Witch. Not a fire-witch."
"Telemain," said the thin guy. "Magician."
The cats also introduced themselves as Trouble and Miss Ophelia.
Daine said, "I'm Daine. I'm a Wildmage of Tortall. That's where
you are. And if you don't mind me asking, HOW did you get here?"
"Well, we're not exactly sure." Cimorene said. "We were on our
for a picnic-" she indicated the picnic sack- "and then all of a sudden,
the forest shifted. Or something. And we ended up HERE."
"Tortall. A kingdom. That's where you are, as I've said already."
"A very proper kingdom, is it not? Oh, I knew I couldn't get a
way from all the properness. Linderwall, where I'm originally from, was bad

"Well I suppose it is proper here, but the royalty and knights
aren't as buffle-brained as you may think. And there IS a girl knight-
I'll spare you that story, but nowadays, girls are allowed to be
"Really!" Cimorene said, interested.
"AhEM!" Morwen said. "I suppose you want to st and chat all day?
We're kind of LOST here!"
The cats mrowed in agreement.
"Oh-" Cimorene said, realising. "May we stay here for the night?"
she asked, somewhat hesitently.
"Well, it's not my job to answer that. Let's go see the King."
They walked down to the main part of the castle and saw the King
lounging in the front with his wife, Queen Thayet.
"What is this?!" When King Jon saw them approach.
Daine said, "They got lost and need a place to stay for the night.
That ok?"
He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Yes, I believe I have some rooms,"
he said. "But the dragon-"
"I'll sleep outside," Kazul offered.
"Very well. I'll show you to your rooms." He gave Daine a Look that
clearly stated he wanted the story, later.
Cimorene was walking outside, surveying the area she was in. How
strange, she thought. How could I have gotten here? Was the forest
shifing out of control? Something is not right.
Cimorene spun. Behind her was a red-haired woman with purple eyes.
"I don't believe I've seen you around here before."
Cimorene explained, but her attention was more drawn to the sword
the woman wore. "Are you a knight?" she asked skeptically.
The woman grinned. "Yep." She mock-curtsied. "Sir Alanna of Pirate's
Swoop and Olau, King's Champion."
"Wow!" Cimorene exclaimed. "But..wait." She frowned. "I recall Daine
saying 'nowaday' girl knights were allowed. Was she wrong?"
"Nope. Come on, let's walk a bit, I'll tell you the whole thing and
then you can tell me more about this Enchanted Forest you're from."

Zemenar, head wizard of the Wizard's Society (What an original
name!) was steaming in anger. OK, so using his magic (what was LEFT of
it, he thought, cursing Queen Cimorene and her pals) had gotten him into
the forest. Great. He'd gone in to try and kill them on their little
'outing' (he sneered) but it hadn't worked out as planned. The forest
had gone and SHIFTED on him, turning him in the wrong direction and
making him lose his victims.
Zemenar cursed again. Stupid Enchanted Forest! He thought. Stupid
Dragon! Stupid Queen! He threw up his hands in disgust, and the staff
he'd been holding went flying. Muttering under his breath, Zemenar went
to fetch it.
He found himself at a totally different clearing. He looked behind
him, and groaned.
It was different, all right- the Forest had Shifted AGAIN.
Well, no where to go but forward, he grumbled to himself- as he
stepped into Tortall.

Daine sighed. (sheesh, i just realised Daine is doing a lot of sighing
in this story. oh well...) I never got to
finish cleaning, she thought. Oh well. I do hope those people find their
way home, and soon. A knock
sounded at her door. Daine went to see who it was.
"Good evening," said whoever it was. He was tall, carried a wooden
stick that looked suspiciously like a
staff, and wore blue robes. He shook her hand. "The name's Zemenar, and
I'm a bit lost." He grinned
Daine sighed again. (Yes, AGAIN!!) Why had he come to HER door, of
all doors? So WHAT if hers was
the first one anyone saw if they came out the back clearing? "And?" she
"Well I.. er.. need a place to stay for the night."
Daine thought, Well, one more won't make a difference. She showed
him to a roof, warming up to him
and then chattering with him on the way. He turned out to be very nice-
a tad strange, but nice.
"You know," Daine said. "You're the 2nd party that has come
unannounced today," Daine said.
"Really!!" Zemenar said with more interest than necessary.
"Yes. Where are you from? They were from the Enchanted Forest."
Daine smiled, hurredly making his bed.
Zemenar didn't reply to the question, but instead said, "Thanks.
Thanks a lot." (More for the info than the
bed, surely.)
"Good night."

Morwin, the Witch, stretched and yawned. She dressed and went outside. . .and was promptly knocked over the head. She fainted.

The Magician Telemain was also getting ready for the day. The minute he
stepped outside his room,
though, he was knocked upside the head, too.

"WHAT is going on!!!!!" Cimorene yelled, exasperated. Morwen and
Telemain were BOTH found in a dead faint this morning! Who is it!!!"
Kazul shook her large head in confusion.
Just then, Daine entered the courtyard, smiling. "Good morning," she
said cheerfully.
"What's good about it?" Cimorene scowled.
Daine gave her a Look, so Kazul explained.
"Hmmm. I have no idea." she said. "But just to let you know, another
person came to my door last night.
Nice fellow. Said he'd like to meet you. Called himself Zemenar."
"WHAT?!?!?!" Cimorene screeched in unison with Kazul. "Say the name
again, so I can be sure."
"Zemenar," Daine said a little suspiciously.
"What'd he look like?" Cimorene commanded.
"Tall, old, carried a staff..."
Cimorene was on the brink of panic. "Ohh noooo.." she groaned.
Kazul said, "I thought he was dead. I was sure of it. . . "
"Something funny is going on. I wonder . . . " Cimorene
Daine shrugged and walked away.
Morwen rubbed her head. Ouch, she thought. She'd just gotten away
from a healer, once he had said she
was ok. She was right outside the palace. Just then, Trouble and Miss
Ophelia (the cats, remember?)
came running. -ZEMENAR! It was Zemenar!- they screeched. -He's here! In
this Tortall-place!-
"Pesky Wizard!" Morwen muttered, who seemed a lot less shocked than
Cimorene and Kazul. "Hmph!
Better go find Cimorene."
"Where IS he!" Cimorene exclaimed. "Why can't we FIND him!!" She looked
around furiously.
"Look!" Morwen, who had just joined them, said.
Daine was chatting animatedly with a very familiar looking person.
"ZEMENAR!" Cimorene loudly whispered. She stepped a tad closer, then
whispered "Arglefraster"- the
spell for melting wizards temporarily.
The spell didn't work. She tried again. Nope. Oh, NO, she thought. I
guess magic doesn't work here in
"Quick, Morwen!" she said. "Try to melt him!"
Morwen tried with no luck, so she tried a Stunning spell, a Shock
hex, and a Shape-changer. None
"Well, I suppose his magic won't work either," Kazul reasoned. "I
hope. It's best to just talk to him
"You're right," Cimorene reluctently agreed. "Let's go."
"Cimorene? Queen Cimorene is here?" Zemenar exclaimed with delight.
"Yeah," Daine said slowly. "Friend of yours?"
"Oh, yes," Zemenar lied, smiling. "She's-"
"That's not true and you know it!" said a voice from behind
Zemenar spun around. "Ah, Queen Cimorene," he said, recovering
quickly. He bowed. "So nice to see you."
Cimorene glared. "Don't give me that," she spat. "Tell me why you
knocked Morwen and Telemain out."
"WHAT! Me! How dare-"
"Oh, put a sock in it, Zemenar!" Morwen interjected. "My cats saw
the whole thing! My cats saw the whole
thing, and my cats don't lie! Nor are they clever enough to think up
such a clever story.." she added for afterthought.