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E-mail from Petra
I totally agree with your sister about George. He is the best man in the history of the world. Ever. Your site is great, but where in the heck did you get all the pics.... I never thought of George looking like that. I've written many George poems, if you want to read any, drop me a link...
Uh, I didn't like Liam at all first cause he was stealing what George loved forever, but I ended up liking him... a bit. A really, tiny, minuscule bit (Just cause he died). I agree with you totally on your PoV about Liam. :-)
Corams cool.
I didn't like Jon much. (George and George alone) It may be silly to be hopelessly in love with a fictional character, but I don't care.
Do you think the next Protector of the Small will have some George in it? And more Alanna, too. Though I do like the end of "First Test" when Kel gets the saddle from Alanna.
Tamora Pierce is my fave author. I was actually reading the Circle of Magic books, and my mom couldn't get # 2, so she borrowed the Alanna books. First I was upset, but now I like them WAY better. I'm very protective of my books. They have their own box. :-)

Other bad things about Numair:
He has long hair.
He's pushy

I don't hate him either, though.

Bad things about Liam:
Hes a conceited ego maniac
' Nuff said

Cool scenes and quotes:
Lioness Rampant: George, Coram and Liam all fighting. Oooh, the manpower.
The woman who rides like a man: "There are other fish in the sea besides prince Jonathan. And this particular fish loves you with all his crooked heart"
The woman who rides like a man: Alanna looked up into his friendly eyes and burst into tears.