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I'm not telling
by Nicole

Thirteen-year-old, Amalia The Beautiful, eldest
daughter of Veralidaine Sarrasri and Numair Salmalin
pushed her eleven-year-old sister, Alexandria, on.
“What did he say when they left?” Amalia hissed, “You
know Father said something.”
“I do know and I’m not telling.” said Alexandria
“You must tell.” said Amalia dangerously.
“Father said he and Mother would be gone for a while
and that is all I will tell you.”
“Did he say where?” asked Amalia, leaning forward.
“I refuse to tell you!! Period!!!!!!” yelled
“By Mithros!!” snapped Amalia and paraded off,
followed by her maid Dillane.
Alexandria sighed.
Just because she was two years older and much prettier
Amalia thought she had to be better.
Well, prettier was true, thought Alexandra, called
Amalia was quite vain about her beautiful creamy white
skin, her large curves, her flowing, shining black
hair, her dreamy blue-grey eyes.
Alex was short, had a deep tan and blisters, her
strawberry blonde hair that had come from nowhere or
thin air had impossible-to-brush-ringlets, and her
only beauty was deep, blue eyes.


Lady Ilane of Opalmines pulled her company together.
“A plot against Jonathan would be right. He is likely
the most vulgar King Tortall has had. Makes visitors
call him Jon, for instance.” she said in a heavily
accented voice that made it obvious she came from
“People have tried to overthrow Jonathan before, like
my distant cousin Lady Yolane of Dunlath. She was
arrested. Countess Sabriniania of Kirie has tried to
as well and was killed by Alanna.”