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E-mail from Talia
I think that you're totally in your rights to diss Numair, it is your
webpage. I mean if they don't like it WHO CARES. I kinda agree with you.
I mean, he doesn't want to marry Daine because he thinks he's too old. If
he really loved her, he wouldn't care. Overall, Numair's a nice guy, but
he's way too absent minded. For example, he put that spell on Kel, Neal
and the others and then he forgot that he put it on them. (in sappy sorta
voice) If they are truly in luv with each other they will work it out.
(in normal voice) And, look for the kind of women he went for, well I
don't even want to mention that. Another person that I don't like is King
Jonathan. In my opinion, he is so full of himself that he couldn't even
imagine Alanna refusing his proposal of marriage. He practically said
that he proposed to Alanna because he wanted to spite the nobles a court
and his parents and said that he did it 'cuz he didn't care what anybody
thinks. Alanna refused because of another reason that I don't like
Jonathan. He wants everything to be his way. He wanted Alanna to be his,
he wanted glory to be his, he wanted all the magical power to be his,
etc. Besides, I think his beard is ugly(from the descriptions) But then I
hate beards. I could rant and rave about these two for days.
Bye, p.s. i luv your site, it's
Talia (My real name is Stephanie Lynn-Marie Olson-Haynes
& I absolutely hate it! So I have everybody call me Talia)