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by by AuroraLass1452

" I'm sorry, Neal. " she whispered slowly.

" You're sorry! " he rorared. He grabbed his chair and threw it at the door.
It didn't breaking or anything but did make a large thump and dent on the
door. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.

Kel stared at him. Shocked that he was so angry. She just told him that -

" You're leaving Tortall and weren't even going to tell me. " he said

He found her in her room, packing her clothes. Stuffing breeches, shirts,
boots, dresses into some boxes. A few servants carefully wrapping up her

He confronted her and she answered, " There's something waiting for me in
Yaman. It's not as if there's something for me here. "

In truth, there was tons to keep her there. Faleron and his need in
mathematics. Many more times of Merric saying " Jolly! " And Neal. Obviously
he wasn't in for her. And she couldn't say anything to him. Unless she wanted
avoiding, blushing and snapping. At least that's what she expected.

Thgouh, he did have feelings for her. He just didn't want rejection. So he
dragged her back to his room.

He released his hands from her shoulders and sat on his bed. " What's waiting
for you in Yaman? " his voice dangerously calm voice asked.

She backed up to the door. Her soft-soled boots trying not to make a sound.
Her hands carefully searching for the door's cool knob feeling.

" Stay right there. " he ordered and repeated the question. His back was
still turned to her.

" Cl-Cleon. " she stuttered. " H-He's waitin' for Yaman. "

He turned around. " Are you two lovers? " he snided.

" We're on a mission. And after that I'm stayin' Yaman. Forever! "

They were quiet for a long while. Kel fidgeting and Neal trying to control
his temper.

" Good luck. " he stated, bluntly.

She snapped up. What? He wouldn't even hug her? Not even a ' I'll miss you? '
" Uh... thanks. Good luck to you too. "

She left almost running. Then, Neal went to his door and whispered, " Love
you like a friend. "

And along the way she heard the speaking spell.

Ya guys like it. Short, I know and I hope you're not mad, or nothin'. It's
just that everytime time I write somethin' about Kel it's always so happy.
Thought it was time to be a little mad.