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Fanfic Contest
I've noticed there are no TP crossover fanfics. I'm not sure why, but I think we should change this. All the writers in my fanfic section are very talented and I'm sure there are plenty more of you that are good at writing. So here are the rules:

It has to be a crossover. Alanna can go to the real world and try to kill Clinton. (lol) Or Mulder and Scully can have a run in with Skysong. Just as long as it is a crossover. I have a few ideas:
Something with Xena. I can just imagine Alanna and Xena teaming up, it would be amusing.
Harry Potter goes to Tortall. Alot could be done with this, especilly since we've all read the HP books.
The Charmed ones can... umm... well I've never actully seen an episode of Charmed, but its an idea.
Zeus can try to take over The Realms Of The Gods. OH NO!!!!

The sencond requirement is that it has to include Alanna. Their are very few Alanna fics out their, so she has to be in it. (If she says only one line, thats okay.)

The third, and last, requirement is that it not be mainly about a character you've created. This includes children of main characters that you made up. Their children can be in it, but I want this story to be mainly about a character we already know. (The main character can be Buri or Marek, just as long as the character was created by TP.) P.S.- TP has made Alanna and Jon's children into characters, so they can be the main character in your fanfic.

I'll write a cross over too, but it won't be part of the contest. I can't judge myself. I would really appreciate it if alot of you did this, more than one fic to judge would be nice. You can send it in whole, or in parts as you write them, whatever you want. I'll pick my fav to win around Christmas, so you have plenty of time. Good Luck!!!