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Q & A
What is Mithros's Realm- Well, in case you haven't figured this out yet, its a web page.

Duh! But what is it about?- Its a site for Tamora Pierce, a very talented young adult writer. It is mostly about her books set in the fanasy world of Tortall, but it also has some stuff about The Circle of Magic books as well.

How often do you update?- I try to update once a week, usally on the weekends.

How do I get a link to my site on your page?- Just e-mail it to me (ceathena@aol) I do ask that it is about Tamora Pierce though.

Why do you hate Numair?- This is probably the question I get the most. Here is my answer: I DO NOT HATE HIM!!!!!!! He is really fun to complain about, especilly since everyone else in the world dissagrees with me.

What about Jon?- What about him???? I like Jon (I know alot of you don't, but thats okay.)

Can I e-mail you?- Yes!!! I love your e-mails and I always respond to them. Please tell me any ideas you have for my site, I usally listen. (

What parts of your site should I go to first?- Hmm... I personally like my casting section the best because it has stuff you can't get anywhere else. The fanfic section is also really good and my character profiles are pretty detailed.

When is the next Tamora Pierce book coming out?- I'm sorry, but just because I have a good TP site doesn't mean I have exculusive info. I never even got a response to the e-mail I wrote her. :( All I know about the new Kel book is that the title is Squire and that it is due out June 2001 and the fourth, Lady Knight, will be out in 2002. I got this info from TP's webpage.

When are these evil questions going to end?- Fine, I'll stop.