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Casting for Neal- Christopher Ralph
Chrissie suggested:
When i first read the description of Neal, i was a little dissapointed. I mean a widow's peak? I never thought a guy could be cute with a widows peak, but then i found a guy who is, and is the perfect Neal. Christopher Ralph. He was in the movie Gossip, and is now in the Disney TV show "In a Heartbeat". He has dark hair like Neal, and even a widow's peak. Pics of Chris, More

Kristi wrote:
If you've ever watched the show Roswell, then you know what a hottie
Brenden Fehr is( he plays Michael). He doesn't absolutly have to play Neal(I
don't know how important that widows peak is) I just think he would fit in
with the whole premis of the stories. I guess I think he should play someone
in the castle.

suggested by Andrea:
I think that Neal should be played by Joshua Jackson. He's got brown hair and green eyes and look at him; if you saw someone who could play a smart, sarcastic, melodramatic, teenager better than shoot me. He doesn't have a widow's peak and that could make problems but I like the idea, consider it.
Pictures of Josh

Any ideas?