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Casting for Ozorne- John Travolta
This was suggested by Ursula:
-How about John Travolta? You know, he's played bad guy many times and he'd
be good as Ozorne... He can be nasty as a character, like Ozorne...
-What about Geoffry Rush? I don't know I suggested him, but he was a pretty
darn serious (and a little funny) bad guy in "Mystery Men"...
-What do you think of Gary Oldman? You're probably thinking why I thought of
all these old guys, but I just try to put them in the character's
position... Gary Oldman is not bad and he could be good as Ozorne...

Candy suggested: Billy Zane from Tales of the Crypt: Demon Knight and Titanic (the annoying fiance. He did really good in Tales of the Crypt thogh. He needs hair dye though)

Any ideas?