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Casting for Onua
This was suggested by Onua:
I think Ashley Judd would make a good Onua. I haven't heard this suggestion yet, but I can picture her as an animal-loving person and with horses.
Pictures of Ashley Judd

This was suggested by Ursula:
-What do you think of Sigourney Weaver? She is old, but she's a pretty good
actress... I think she'd look good as Ona (Onua)...
-How about Sandra Bullock? I know she's also old, but just imagine her next
to horses... I haven't exactly done so, but I think she'll fit...
-What about Demi Moore? That's a stupid suggestion isn't it... I don't know
if she'll be fit as Onua... but she's a good actress...

This was suggested by Cristina:
I think that Meg Ryan would make a good onua.
She looks like she could go with horses...
Maybe its just that boyish haircut thing

Isn't Onua supposed to have dark skin?? hmm...

Any ideas?