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Casting For Numair
Alexa suggested Scott Cohen. He was Wolf in 10th Kingdom and Max on Gilmore Girls.
Well, he really isn't tall enough...

Candy suggested Ashton Kutcher or J.C. from 'N Sync

Kristi wrote:I think the actor Joe Lando, who played Sully in Dr. Quinn, Medicine
Woman would be perfect in this role. He's rugged looking w/shoulder length
brown hair.

Giovanna writes:
Have you heard of Ralph Fiennes? Well, he starred in
Wuthering Heights, and here's a URL for a page with pictures of him in that
film. But they're aren't the best pic.s 'cause they're kinder squashed.
anyway, go there:
Then, in the film the Patriot with Mel Gibson, there's this character,
Colonel Tavington, played by Jason Isaacs. He's got long black hair, dark
eyes (I think, but contacts could fix the problem) and tanned skin (or, at
least he does in the film.) here's a URL for some pics:

Meredith sent this interesting tidbit in:
Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World) is actually the
actor who Tamora Pierce based Numairs looks on. What do you think?
here's a pic:
alright! I don't think thats what Tamora Pierce meant, lets try agian:
That works much better, it does look like Numair!!!

Anthony Tyler Quinn would be a good Numair.  He's from Boy Meets World, he's Teacher Jonathan Turner.  Can't find a good pic of him, but he has shoulder length brown hair- perfect for Numair.

Joseph Fiennes (ala Shakespeare in Love only with longer hair) would make the ideal Numair. Partially because I want both Numair and Joseph, but that's not the point. Meet Joseph Fiennes

This was suggested by Ursula:
Numair (Now this one, I'm not entirely sure... I've got many, but I don't
know if they're right for the character Numair...)
-Do you know the guy who starred in the Mummy and Deuce Bigalow? Odel Fehr?
If you don't, well he's got shouder length hair (curly, I think), has beard
and moustache and he's pretty good... doesn't matter about the beard and
moustache, hell he could grow it back again anyway... he'd be good as
-How about David Boreanaz (Angel)? He doesn't have long hair, but he could
wear a wig or something... I'm not exactly sure if I could see him as
Numair... I don't know why I chose him... I guess he's gorgeous is the
-What about Charmed's whitelighter, Brian Krause (Leo)? Since he's playing
someone who's supernatural already, he could portray as Numair... have wig
doned (since he's got short hair) put a black robe on him... I don't know...

Any ideas?