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The Great Numair Debate
Alot of people have complained about the Numair dissing on my page. I love ranting, and actually do like Numair. He's just so easy to make fun of. So I decided to devote this page to Numair. It will talk about his good side-- yes and his bad side:

Good things about Numair:

He can be really sweet to Daine. (The whole scene in the cave with him not wanting to take advantage of her.)

Magelet is a really cute nickname.

Numair was really sweet in the part at the end of Emperor Mage when he 'came back from the dead'.

His warning Kaddar to back off could be sweet-- or really annoying. I'll let you chose.

Trying to hit the emperor after he said somthing about Numair and Daine sleeping together.

Bad things about Numair:

He's far too old for Daine. (though if you look at that new movie Autum in New York is doesn't seem like such a big gap...)

He gets REALLY annoying.

He dissed Alanna!!! (okay, so its true but still...) (If you don't know what I'm talking about, your not a complete and total crazed fan. It was in the begining of Emperor Mage on the boat. He said something about Alanna not being beautiful.)

Well its eleven o'clock so I really don't feel like adding any more. If you have any other scenes good or bad e-mail them to me. (