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The Princess Bride
Princess Bride

Lianne groaned softly in her evening gown. Why did dinner balls last so
long into the night? She watched some people disappear back into their
own chambers and envied them.

"Lianne stop groaning and start smiling, we still have a long night left."
Whispered her mother, Queen Thayet of Tortall. "Also say something to
the prince!"

Lianne glanced over to Ahonar, Prince of the copper Isles and smiled her
sweetest smile. For many years Tortall and the Copper Isles had been at
war, so a marriage alliance between the two countries would also act as a
peace treaty. The bad thing about it was the fact Lianne had to do the

Princess Lianne never liked the duties of a princess, she much preferred
Knighthood, but unfortunately she was born a princess. Lianne glimpsed
over to the north and sighed. There stood Alanna the Lioness, Sir
Keladry of Mindelan, Sir Shaiana of Flowdea, Squire Khetala and Page
Seles. Lianne had always wished she could stand in that place as a

"Stop looking at them and start talking Lianne," urged the Queen. "Even
if you were allowed to train you'd be too old your 16 now. Maybe when
you are married to Ahonar you can start a Queen's Riders of your own
like me, or welcome Lady Knights."

Lianne glanced over at the Knights from the Isles, all they did was cast
disdainful looks at Alanna and company, she had a feeling they wouldn't
welcome ladies to train with them. "Lianne!" her mother hissed.

Lianne turned over to the Prince and smiled, peering at him over her
long lashes. "How does my prince find your visit here?" Though Lianne
had a tomboyish attitude, she could still flirt.

The Prince was extremely handsome, his fair hair was combed up and
his emerald doublet set off his sea-green eyes. Handsome as he was
though, Lianne still couldn't figure out if she liked him or not. That was
probably due to the fact she never got a chance to talk to him without a
million people overhearing.

The Prince stood, smiling, "I have come to a decision! I will marry the
Princess Lianne, and have peace between our nations!"

Over the cheering crowds, Lianne was choking over her wine, he had
made a decision...but she hadn't!

I will post the rest when I get it!!