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The Sea Of Sand
   By Claire
   This is my first attempt at Tortall fanfic, so its not great, but that's okay. We need Alanna fanfic!!! Their is not any where so I was forced to write some.

   Alanna stood on the balcony at Pirate's Swoop gazing at the dark waters. Her clean lilac wool dress felt wonderful on after a week full of dirt, blood, and the other unpleasantness. It felt so good just to relax without having to worry about getting killed.
   George came up behind her "How's my lass?" he inquired wrapping his arms around her.
   Alanna leaned into his strong embrace. "Tired," She admitted. "Helping out with The Queens' Riders is important, but it's very hard to get back in the habit of waking up at dawn."
   "It's good t' have ye back," George said. "Th' kids've missed ye."
   "I've missed them."
   Tonight was not a night Alanna wanted to fight; unfortunately, fate had other plans for her. Alanna broke off their kiss with a gasp.
   "What is it, Love?" George looked worried.
   "My emberstone," Alanna took it out "It just… shocked me." She held it in her hand and probed it with her gift. "Something's wrong, it's," she paused "It's tugging me, I don't know-" She broke off with a start and faded, leaving only a glimmer in the air to show she'd been there at all.
   "Alanna!" George shouted, "What have you done with Alanna?"
   The Great Mother Goddess appeared in front of George. "I'm sorry, but you won't be able to see your wife for at least a day."
   "Where is she?" George demanded.
   "In the Realms of the Gods." Her face darkened "It wasn't my decision; Mithros has decided to test her. He is more powerful than I."
   "Test her? How?"
   "She has been sent to The Sea Of Sand. She must survive one day there. If she does than she will be granted one wish, at anytime in her life."
   "And if she doesn't survive?" George wanted to know.
   "Don't you have any faith in Alanna? She'll survive."
   The Goddess left as swiftly as she had come.

   Alanna blinked was in a desert, a very large desert. She bit her lip. Where was she?
   The sand whipped at her face, making her lips crack and bleed. Alanna huddled in the sand, covering her face.

   The Sea Of Sands was not friendly to travelers, yet it liked this short, red headed women. She had a fighting spirit the desert admired, so it decided to let her live. For the first time since the beginning of time, it began to rain in The Sea Of Sands.

   Alanna raised her head to the blessed, cool rain. She noticed that while the rain was hitting the sand, it remained dry. That's strange, Alanna thought When I was in the desert with the Bazir, a rainstorm could easily turn into a flash flood, but it doesn't seem to be affecting the sand here.

   After twenty-four hours in the desert Alanna found herself in a hall filled with gods. In front of her was a black cat with purple eyes.
   "Faithful?" Alanna whispered.
   I see you've stayed alive in The Sea Of Sands for a day. Faithful told her approvingly.
   "That was The Sea Of Sands? Where am I now?"
   "You are in The Realms of the Gods." The Goddess informed her.
   Since you passed the test you can have one wish, at anytime in your life. Faithful added.
   Alanna bowed to the Goddess "Thank you for this honor, but I'd like to go home now." Trying not to yell at the Goddess.
   "Of course."

   Alanna found herself back on the balcony at Pirate's Swoop; George was waiting there.
   "Alanna!" He exclaimed. "Are you all right?"
   "Yes, I think so."
   She sat down and told George the whole story. She concluded with. "Now the Goddess said she'd grant me a wish, but I really don't know what I want."
   "Save it fer a rainy day." George suggested with a shrug. "Till ye need it."
   Alanna nodded. "Till a rainy day."