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Alanna and Jon

Are they a couple now? No

Are they a good couple? Umm.... Pretty good. Alot of people wanted Alanna to marry Jon not George.

What is their statues? Former lovers, now good friends.

Kids? Wouldn't that complicate things!!! :)

Other people's opinions on the relationship: Most people didn't know about it, but some thought Jon made Alanna the King's Champion because they used to be lovers.

Problems? They argued too much, and Alanna hated the thought of being Queen.

What books is it in? The Hand Of The Goddess is when they get together. They have a huge fight in The Woman Who Rides Like A Man and Alanna refuses to marry him.

Comments: I love Jon, but he and Alanna really weren't meant for each other. My sister read the books first and spoiled the ending by telling me Alanna ends up with George. As a result, I never really expected Jon and Alanna to end up together. George is far better for Alanna. Still, Jon is one of my favorite characters, but he's better with Thayet.

Alanna and Jon Quotes

This isn't exactly a romantic picture, but it is Alanna and Jon. This is them going into the Black City.