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Daine and Numair

Are they a couple now? Yes

Are they a good couple? Well, their is some debate over that. Seeing how NUMAIR IS TWICE HER AGE!!!!!

What is their status? They're lovers and live together at the palace.

Kids? Lets hope not, although, that would be interesting.

Other peoples opinions on the relationship: Neal thinks Numair is too old for Daine (and he's right) but we really don't know what other people think.

Problems? Numair is twice Daine's age, so they won't get married for fear of trapping the other person.

What books is it in? They meet in Wild Magic and get together in The Realms Of The Gods. We learn about them being lovers in First Test.

They are a sweet couple and really aren't that far apart. Its just fun to rant. :)

Daine and Numair Quotes

I have 2 fanfics about them- The Dagger and A Look Inside

The Great Numair Debate- this has a lot of sweet scenes between them and some not so sweet things :)

I'm sorry that Numair looks evil, but I couldn't resist putting this picture up.