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Who He Is- The one of the greatest mage in Tortall.
What Books He's In- Alanna- The first adventure, In the Hand of the Goddess, dream in The Woman who rides like a man, and Lioness Rampent
What He Looks Like- Tall, red hair, beard, purple eyes, looks like Alanna
Nicknames- I think Thom is a nickname for Thomas
Family- Alanna is his sister
Talents- Mage
Interesting Facts- Thom brought back Alanna's arch rival from the dead.
Comments- I personally like Thom ::ducks:: Please don't kill me!
One of my e-mail corespondents doesn't. She says: WHAT KIND OF FRICKIN MORON BRINGS BACK HIS
SISTER'S DEAD ARCH-RIVAL?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Well said.