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Email from Emma
Finally I have found someone that prefers the wonderful, marvelous,
so-totally-the-best George to the Huge Ego himself- Jonathan!!
You are the fist person i have met that thinks George is better than
Jonathan! I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE George! I am so totally obsessed with
him! Before i read the Alanna books i didnt think it was possible to fall in
love with a character in a book- but when George came into the picture i
found i was badly mistaken! All the time she was with Jon i kept yelling at
her to stop messing about with him and get with the guy that REALLY loved
her. And i totally agree with your quote of the millenium! And could you
believe on Tamora Pierce's own website she was appologising to all the
readers out there that had written in and complained about Alanna ending up
with George and not Jonathan! I couldn't believe it!