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E-mails from Roc
A little review/opinion/eccentric rambling at 2 AM for you about Thom.

For all of you who dont see the absolute vacancy that is Thom's mind, let me
give you the roadmap to the hotel, eh?

Who the hell resurrects their twin sister's -- NOT just sister, mind you,
but TWIN... IDENTICAL TWIN, which, scientifically speaking, means they once
were ONE being -- arch rival. Especially one who had been CONVICTED of
treason, assasination, and murder. That is so obviously asking for trouble.

Anyone who likes Thom has to be loopy.

No offense, Tamora, but you really made a doozey on this one...


How can you possibly think Numair is annoying?

Granted, George is cooler... I mean, the whole King of Theives bit and all,
just awesome...

BUT, Numair is not annoying!!! I could rip your hair out and braid it into
the whip I beat you to death with!!! NEVER INSULT THE MAD MAGE.

Personally, I love people who have tangents, because I do the same, and we
ALL know Numair has tangents. Tangents are the moments when people have
their best ideas come to them.

All I want to know is, WHY do you not like him?????????