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About Me!
Wow! If you are at this page, you must be REALLY bored.
My name is Claire and I am 15. Tamora Pierce is my absolute favorite author! I also have 2 other web pages (if you want to go to them see my links page) and I am proud to be a computer geek.
I do spend alot of time on my web pages, and on the internet, but I do do other stuff to. I love art, I pait with oils, and do alot of charcol drawings. My favorite thing to do is read. My other fav authors are Elizabeth Peters, Patrica Wrede, K.A. Applegate, J.K. Rowling and lots of others. Another thing I do is write. I am currently writing my second novel, and it's about 60 pages long!! I tried to get my first one published and it didn't really work. My second one is far better and I want to get this one published when I finish it.
I love history, and want to be an archeologist. I also am saving up money to travel to Egypt.
Let's see, what else about me... I have long brown hair, and greenish hazel eyes (no one is quite sure what color exactly) and I'm 5'3" and a half. I have 4 sisters and 1 bro (yes I know thats alot). I used to play the piano. I hate sports with a passion. I love acting, and directing. In school I'm active in the plays (costume crew) as well as Mathlets (yes, the math club), and I'm president of Amnisty International.
I am very into not being like everyone else. I where funky, cool clothes with cool designs on them. I'm also very into skirts. Basically, I dress like a hippie.
As for music, I love rock and music from a lot of the newer musicals such as anything by Andrew Loyd Webber. Savage Garden and Matchbox Twenty are two of my favs.
Um... I think that's all about me. If you actully read this, I'm worried about your sanity. :)