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Lord Wyldon
Who He Is- retired trainer of pages, knight.
What Books He's In- First Test, Page, and Squre
What He Looks Like- Handsome, lots of scars.
Nicknames- The stump
Family- He has one, but I don't know much about it. His wife is mentioned a few times.
Talents- A good trainer, i guess, but two squire who were trained by him were messed up by the Chamber of Ordeal- Joren died and Vinson confessed to a rape and is imprisioned.
Traits- Very annoying
Interesting Facts- He put Kel on probation. He hates change. He blames himself for Joren and Vinson. His character has developed, so he realizes he shouldn't have been so mean to Kel.
Comments- Lord Wyldon should die a horrible death!!!! Hee hee