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Who He Is- Kel's friend and a fellow knight.
What Books He's In- First Test, Page, and Squire.
What He Looks Like- Very handsome (at least Kel seems to think so). He has green eyes, his hair is long an brown, and he has a widow's peak.
Nicknames- Neal is a nickname, his real name is Nealan
Family- Duke Baird of Queensclove is his father.
Talents- He is a great healer.
Traits- Very witty and disrespectful- atleast to 'the Stump'
Interesting Facts- He was the oldest page in hundreds of years. Kel was madly in love with him, but she got over him. He also had a crush on Daine for a while. Now he's with Yuki, a Yamani lady in waiting. Alanna was his knight master.
Comments- I love Neal!! He's a great character with some great lines. Too bad he isn't with Kel.