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The Realms of Death
People who have died in the Tamora Pierce books and how, etc.:
Duke Roger- He was killed by Alanna, TWICE! GO ALANNA.
Liam- He was killed in Lioness Rampant by alot of arrows. YEA YEA YEA DIE!
Thom- He was killed in Lioness Rampant by Roger. Poor Thom.
Alex- Killed by Alanna in LR
Faithful- Killed by Princess Josiane in LR (alot of people were killed in that book!)
Queen Liane- Died of sickness.
King Roald- Committed suicide after the Queen died.
Sara- Killed by bandits.
Rikash- Killed by a giant snake in The Realms of the Gods
Leaf and Jelly- Killed in the Realms of the Gods
Ozorne- Killed by Daine in The Realms of the Gods
Ali Mukhtab- Died of sickness in The Women Who Rides Like a Man

Rose writes:

Thor-killed by Jem Tanner.
Francis-sweating Sickness.
Alanna's parents.
Josiane-killed by Alanna.
The Ysandir-by Jon + Alanna.
Flamewing(Kit's ma)-by raiders.
Kalasin(Thayet's mum)-committed suicide.
Buri's mum + brother-helped Kalasin tell why she died.
Akhan Ibn Nazzir(shaman)-used up life.
Ozorne(nice bloke DEEP inside. He luved Daine)-by
Inar Hadensra-Numair.
Belden(Maura's 1/2 sister's husband)-poison.
Queen Jachull-by Queen Barzha.
Queen Zhaneh Bitterclaws-Daine.
King Jokhun-Ozorne.
Rattail(Brokefang old mate)-raiders.
Ishak(Alanna's apprentice)-used life-source.
Mammoth(Daine's dog)-raiders.

So what if we've never met some of these characters?
So what if some got a LITTLE power-crazy and tried to
ruin the world? Does that mean their memory can't be
honoured? Put their names in, or their restless souls
will haunt you!