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"There are plenty of fish in the sea besides Prince Jonathan, and this particular fish loves you with all his crooked heart."
-George, The Women Who Rides Like A Man

Afterward, Alanna got up to blow out the lamps. He watched her as she moved around the tent. "What are you grinning about?" He wanted to know as she doused the last light.
She lay down and snuggled up against his shoulder, smiling contentedly. "Well, 'women of bad reputation' go without veils amoung the Bazhir," she confided. "All this time I haven't worn a veil, but it took me until tonight to get a bad reputation."
-Jon and Alanna, The Women Who Rides Like A Man

"I will not break bread with the son of the Northern King!"
-Amman Kemail; the Sunset Dragon headman, The Women Who Rides Like A Man

George stared at Thom. If my lass had made no friends, only enemies, he thought, and if she'd been to frightened to let others know she was a human bein' , disguise and all, she might well have turned out like this monster. He's all brain and cynicism now, with no heat left to him.
-The Women Who Rides Like A Man

Here lies the sorceress of Alois, who loved the people who killed her.
-The Women Who Rides Like A Man

A maid placed a glass of wine in front of Alanna. "He sent it t'you, my lady," the girl explained, pointing to a man by the hearth. "He said I was to tell you red heads must sit together to safety's sake, and he wonderes if you might join him when this glass is done." Leaning down she whispered, "Not meanin' any disrespect, but if you don't want 'im, I do!"
- a maid, Lioness Rampant

"All my life I've been worthless, the one who should have been male and an heir."
-Thayet, Lioness Rampant

"Roger, he brought Roger back."
-Alanna, Lioness Rampant

"Could I love anyone so much I'd forget that I have a duty to my people?"
-Jon, Lioness Rampant

So here's an irony, Thom thought. I raise him from death, and seven months later I look as if I just crawled out of the grave.  
- Lioness Rampant

"It's us now. The succession must be settled. Fight, Ralon, or Claw- if you've the belly."
- George, Lioness Rampant

They were pressed together so tightly she felt the life leave is body. She backed away hastlily, letting him drop. "Is this what it means to be the best, Alex?"
He would never answer.
-Alanna, Lioness Rampant

"Didn't you know Roger? I'm Giftless. There's nothing for your Gate to take from me."
-Alanna, Lioness Rampant

Next time I go after something, I hope it's in a dusty corner where no one sees or cares if I take it.
-Alanna, Lioness Rampant

[Alanna] splashed contentedly, rinsing a week's grit from her hair.
Tongue and paws are all I need, Faithful commented.
"Is that why you smell after a night in the woods?" demanded Alanna.
-Lioness Rampant

"The Champion? The knight they call 'The Lioness'?"
"Don't tell me," Alanna said. "You expected someone bigger."
-Daine and Alanna, Wild Magic

"Don't just stand there," ordered the cat goddess, "Pet me."
- Queenclaw, The Realms of the Gods

Daine looked up. Three spidrens- two males and a larger female- decended a nearby rock face on threads of web. Her stomach rolled as they jumped away from the cliff to land near her.
"Only think," said a male. "All the realms know that King Ozorne of the Stormwing Alliance will heap rewards on whoever brings a certain female mortal treat-"
"Or a long-shanked mortal mage," interrupted the other male.
"Quite right," said the first. "So everyone else searches- and the treat falls right into our nets. The gods must love jokes like these; they tell them so many times."
-Spidrens, The Realms of the Gods

"Girls are fragile, more emotional, easier to frighten. They are not as strong in their arms or shoulders as men. They tire easily. This girl would get any warriors who served with her killed on some dark night."
-Lord Wyldon, First Test

"Alan?" Jonathan's voice was a deep rasp. Alanna went to him and took his hand.
"I'm here, Highness. It's Alan."
Jonathan smiled "I know you won't let me die."
- Alanna: The First Adventure

Dain adjusted his sword belt. "Bring on your champion, Highness. I am sure I can prove Tusaine superiority over any man of your court."
The Prince smiled icily. "Not 'our champion,' Sir Dain. I said 'even our pages and squires.' " He beckoned to Alanna. "I'm sure my personal squire Alan here would oblige you."
The Tusaine knight stared at the short, slender Alanna, his jaw hanging open. "You want me to fence with a squire?" Dain's voice rose and cracked.
"Are you afraid?" Jonathan wanted to know.
The other man gasped and sputtered before he could speak again. "I've fought in six duels!" he snapped finally. "I've been killing mountain bandits since I was smaller than him." He pointed to Alanna. "If I was ever smaller than him!"
- In the Hand of the Goddess

Mistress Cooper moved foward, smiling. "And so you're Prince Jonathan, or is it Johnny today?"
"I'm alway Johnny in the city," Jonathan admitted.
Alanna put her hands on her hips, scowling. "And do you metion the fact in front of every strange young lady you meet?"
- In the Hand of the Goddess

"We belong to each other. Is that silliness?"
-Jon, In the Hand of the Goddess

"Don't die on me," She whispered when the clock struck midnight and he still had not moved. "It's only a little shoulder wound. Goddess, George- don't die on me."
His eyes flickered open and he smiled. "I didn't know you cared", he whispered. "And why insult me? I won't die for a wee nick like this; I've had worse in my day."
Alanna wiped her wet cheeks. "Of course I care, you unprincipled pickpocket!" she whispered. "Of course I care."
- In the Hand of the Goddess

She looked up. everyone in the chamber- even Jonathan, even Thom- stared at her with some kind of horror. For a minute she was afraid of herself.
She had killed the King's nephew. she had killed her greatest enemy, the most powerful sorcerer in the Eastern Lands.
- In the Hand of the Goddess

'"It doesn't look right," Alanna objected, trying to hold her body rigid while she turned her head.  "It looks like Squire Alan in a girl's dress."'
-Alanna, In the Hand of the Goddess (submitted to me by Kytana)

In this rugged country there were cliffs everywhere. Kel handled them: the weeks of practice since Midwinter had been a good idea. She did not spend her thirteenth birthday throwing up due to fright. She decided that this was a good thing.

"Joren is so pretty. Say, Garvey, are you two friends because you can have him?"
-Neal, Page

This was very different from what Kel was used to. She belived the training master was trying to make her lose her mind. The circle bobbed and swayed in every puff of air. She felt as if she chased a butterfly with her lance.
"Adversity builds character?" Neal suggested on bitter morning when she was taking a breather.
She looked at Peachblossom. "Bite him," she ordered.
"All right, how's this? He knows you're far better than most of us and is trying to make you better still." When Kel blinked at him, Neal shrugged. "Or we could go back to him being a Stump who lives to torture you. I like that one better anyway."

"What was that all about?" Neal demanded.
Kel turned. All of her friends were arrayed at her back. "He says he's changed."
"I suppose he could have changed," Neal said dryly. "I myself have noticed my growing resemblance to a daffodil." The other pages snorted.
Kel eyed her friend. "You do look yellow around the edges," she told him, her face quite serious. "I hadn't wanted to bring it up."
"We daffodils like to have things brought up," Neal said, slinging an arm around her sholders. "It reminds us of spring."
"Does dung remind you of spring, too, Princess Flower?" Cleon demanded irritably. "You needn't manhandle our Kel like that."
Kel pealed Neal's arm away. "Thanks but no thanks," she told him. "I don't want to crush your petals."
"Crush mine all you like, fair lady," Cleon told her, putting an arm around her shoulders in Neal's stead.
Owen wriggled between Kel and Neal and wrapped an arm around Kel's waist. "Me too," he said, grinning up at her.

"You are a bloody-minded savage." he informed Owen sternly. "I hope you get kidnapped by centaurs."
-Neal, Page